All Terrain Fire Car – Salomon S-LAB WINGS evaluation of cross-country shoes australia

Practice on the first full physical map, personally think that the angle of the most beautiful red shoes, streamline is like.

Looks very comfortable at the end of the big end, the first impression is resistance to gymnastics, the tooth is almost dry Salomon standard outsole, in many different dry shoes can be seen on the length of moderate, different This is the forefoot of the arrow-shaped groove, which is designed specifically for the downhill, Descent Control technology.

A closer look at the black technology, which is in fact the rubber structure and Sense Ultra carbon fiber board is different from the back I will compare the soles of two shoes.

On a red shoe family photo, no red shoes, take it’s Young sonic pro instead, there are a pair of shoes to bring Salomon recharge number, looks more screen sense. Have to say s-lab’s competition-level shoe last really stand up narrower, more streamlined sense, in fact, the overall size of 3 pairs of shoes in the try to feel when there is not much difference, tightness almost touch the same, Restore the same size under the shoe to loose too much, not loose also how to relax and restore.

Wings and Sense of the big bottom contrast, this figure is wings ran after a shot, the overall look at the Wings of the tooth height and Sense the same, but significantly longer, in order to ensure a stronger grip, but the flexibility is not as Sense , Behind the road test I will explain this point.

Just in the amazon seconds on a pair of new speedcross3, together to take over for your reference, speedcross is the S standard mud shoes, to see the big teeth is not difficult to find different, speedcross outsole is not generally not wear, but The mud is indeed better than the red shoes too much, of course, if you are more in the mud to run, there are a pair of red shoes SG version to choose from, but it is black, big teeth is twice the height of this double , My people in Beijing, mostly hard ground, so dry version is more suitable for me.